Sunday, August 31, 2014

8-20-14 Departing Missionaries

With every group of missionaries going home, it gets more and more difficult to say "Goodbye."
Especially these sisters…they were in the MTC in the spring of 2013 when we were preparing for our mission. On one occasion, we spotted some of our Taichung missionaries and, as we were still incognito, casually asked them where they were serving and when they would be leaving to enter the field. Little did they know they were having a conversation with their future mission president!
The best part of saying "Goodbye" to our native Taiwanese missionaries is knowing they are not very far away!
 Closing fireside:

After singing the mission song one last time:
 To the Taipei temple for one last session on the mission:

 Family and friends coming to greet their missionary:

 Cousins saying "Farewell" to their U.S. bound sister missionary:

It is always great to see the Taipei missionaries and our previously returned missionaries at the temple:

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