Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Visit from Our Very First APs on Island!

We love it and feel so honored when our missionaries in the states come back for a visit. 
Even better when they bring their family!
 What a TREAT when fathers can take advantage of business trips to Asia and break away to tour their son's mission. Even better, this returned missionary's older brother is dating this elder's sister. So sweet:)
 Back in the office just like old times!
 And just as endearing as ever...
Haha, one of their mission goals was to camp out in the MP's backyard. So on their last night in the mission field, President granted them permission, but by the time they were done packing, it got too late and they never made it. This trip, they were determined to make it happen:
Except for the lack of set-up instructions, and the thunderstorm that broke out early evening:(
At last, they just crashed under the stars!
But of course, they had to buy breakfast from the blue truck on the corner, just for old times' sake!

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