Tuesday, September 2, 2014

9-2-14 Zone Training Meeting, Taichung North Zone

District leader presents his district's weekly progress:

Sister Training Leaders instruct on Finding by the Spirit:
First a game of Hot and Cold to illustrate! Each senior companion has hidden a pen that their junior companion must find:
Off they go!
Not there!
Pretty hot!
Nope, look closer:
But the door is locked...
Soon to be found...
So are people who meet the missionaries. Some are hot and some are cold towards the gospel. 
We must find them all and bring them the glad tidings of the great joy…the restored gospel of Jesus Christ!

Zone Leaders instruct on extending baptismal invitations using PMG videos:
Then demonstrate and conduct a practice session. Great use of the training model!
President takes a few minutes to instruct:

Zone Leaders meet with District Leaders:
Sister Trainer Leaders meet with the sister missionaries:
STLs find more creative ways to teach:
Letting go of things that get you down and keep you from being happy:

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