Sunday, September 7, 2014

9-7-14 FHE with Senior Couples

The local bishop invited us over for a Family Home Evening with the youth in his ward:
Our senior couple was in charge of the game. Four teams were formed, and each was given three pieces of newspaper, a strip of tape, and an egg.
Using the newspaper and tape, they had to somehow protect their egg so that when dropped from a designated height, it would not break!
Team 1
Team 2
Team 3
Team 4
The height is agreed upon!
Team 3 goes first:
Scrambled eggs in the morning!
Dropping for Team 2:
What kind of eggs will they have for breakfast?
Hard boiled!
Team 4:
Looks like scrambled:
Team 1:
More scrambled eggs for breakfast!
How can we relate this game to the gospel?
How can we provide protection for our life's Humpty Dumpties? 
What elements of the gospel provide the paper and tape reinforcements? 
What might a Humpty Dumpty "fall" represent in our life? 
How do gospel principles help us stay intact through a real-life Humpty Dumpty experience? 

Sharing talents...

…and sword skills:

Enjoying FHE with the parents of a missionary from the ward currently serving in Sydney, Australia!

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