Wednesday, September 24, 2014

9-24-14 New Arriving Missionaries!

We are so grateful for our Taiwanese missionaries! If it weren't for these three young servants of the Lord, we wouldn't be picking up any missionaries due to visa delays. All of our 21 American Taichung missionaries have been reassigned to other missions in the states, but hopefully only for one transfer! We have hope and faith that they will come soon! Please keep them in your prayers!
 Saying goodbye to their translator in the Philippine MTC:
Morning mile run at the track:

Buddha claps:
 P90X Yoga:
 Warrior One:

Ready to start the day!
Morning Orientation:
Lunch from Thefreen Burger:
 APs train on contacting:
Practicing with their trainers:

 President hands out the red envelopes with the names of their first companion and area:
Dinner with their first companion:
 Our newest missionaries:

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  1. My daughter, Tawny Choi, needs a blessing. How do I get you the information to visit her?? She is living in Tiachung City.
    Please call or email me Desica Willard 801-791-0440 or