Wednesday, May 20, 2015

5-13-15 Zone Conference - Jiayi

President leading the discussion on "The Consecrated Missionary," focusing on the difference between sacrifice (coming on a mission) and consecration (leaving the world behind).

President Du of the Jiayi District came to address the missionaries. He spoke of his first home teaching companion after he joined the Church. His companion set a great example of service for him in watching over the members of the Church through monthly visits. Then one day at stake conference, he noticed his home teaching companion was seated on the stand and discovered his home teaching companion was also his stake president! He was humbled by his stake president unassuming and diligent service. 
We can all testify that President Du is in the very same way a humble servant of God!
President Chen, President's first counselor in the mission presidency, also attended the conference. He shared the scripture D&C 124:6-8 and discussed what a privilege it was to be called as missionaries, and encouraged our missionaries to be dignified in their callings.
July and August birthdays:
Pizza lunch, thank goodness for Costco!

The Schwieders helped us during all three conferences, coming up to the north and working their way down with us to the south. How grateful we are for their service!
Afternoon training included zone leader training on commitments and following up.
Tainan Zone:

Jiayi Zone:
Zhongxing Zone:

APs carrying on the tradition of their presentation opening act:
"Oh...didn't see you there!"
New missionaries were introduced by their trainers:
Missionaries departing at the end of transfer gave their reflections:
Zhongxing, Jiayi and Tainan Zones:

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