Thursday, May 28, 2015

5-28-15 Mission Leadership Council

Assistant conducting:
Zone leaders presenting their month's performance:
 So great helping souls come unto Christ!
Reviewing mission trends looking for areas to improve:
 Sister training leader sharing miracle stories:
 Discussing Alma 32, nourishing the word, with our mission leaders:
 Lunch at the mission home:
 Country wheat chili and cornbread:

 Peach cobbler: rotating 72-hour kit canned peaches!
 Afternoon session instruction from the Assistants: Swim Together!
Discussing energy, focus and faith in missionary work:

Directing energy, focus and faith through our mission vision, goals, and plans:

 Being unified as mission leaders and inspiring unity in each zone:
 Got skills? Identifying five skills of successful missionaries, and where to turn to for help: 
Book of Mormon, Preach My Gospel, and personal/companionship prayer.
 Concluding with the mission song:

 New mission leaders this month and last:
 May mission leaders:

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