Sunday, May 31, 2015

5-31-15 Tainan Stake Hosts Theology Students

This year, we were again invited to attend a sacrament meeting in Tainan 
together with a class of college students from a local theology seminary. 
After sacrament services, students were invited to learn more about our church...
…and a panel of Church leaders were present to answer any questions they had about our religion.
Of course our sisters were there to share about their missionary experience 
and why they chose to consecrate 18 months in serving the Lord!
We are so proud of our selfless missionaries!


  1. President Blickenstaff is so handsome but it seems as though the camera never catches him smiling. Is the problem with President Blickenstaff or the photographer?

    1. I'm definitely limited by the material I have to work with, hahaha!