Saturday, October 24, 2015

10-24-15 Taipei Temple

On the way to the temple to attend a sealing for one of our returned Taiwan Taichung missionaries, we met this recent convert from Hsinchu! He is an amazing young man who spoke English fluently and was baptized earlier this year:
Congratulations to the bride and groom! The first day of the rest of eternity!

 This group of Banqiao members enjoyed reminiscing about their church membership over the past few decades. Some were there when President served in the small branch 40 years ago!
 This member of the stake presidency has a son serving in our mission!
Twice a year, these Magong branch and Kinmen group members fly to Taipei for their temple day. 
We are so grateful to be able to see them and attend the temple together!
It is wonderful to see so many of our missionaries! 
Whether returned Taiwan Taichung missionaries, missionaries serving from our Chia Yi District, or former missionaries now serving in Taipei, we love them all!!!

 We even love Taipei missionaries who are great friends with our Taichung missionaries!
I remember interviewing this beautiful sister when she served as a short-term missionary shortly after we first arrived on island. I was so excited when she received her full-time mission call to Vancouver, Canada! And now, here she is, just released three days ago! So great to see her again, still glowing!

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