Wednesday, October 7, 2015

10-7-15 New Arriving Missionaries!

They're here and we love them already!
This family's older son is already serving in our mission, how blessed we are! 
His YM president (far right) is a Taiwan Taichung returned missionary:)
 This elder's older sister and brother-in-law are Taichung Taiwan returned missionaries too!
 This elder's grandfather is from our home stake!
Getting to know President:
And his new assistant:
Breakfast in the mission home the next morning:
Learning about the Mission vision, goals and plans:
Orientation from our office elders:
And senior missionaries:
The chapel was undergoing some improvements so we moved to the mission home for the remainder of the orientation. Missionaries get introduced to the Phase 1 language study program:
APs train on contacting:
And give a demonstration:
Now it's our new missionaries chance to give it a try:

Enjoying a traditional Chinese banquet:
Duck brain challenge takers:
Tastes about like liver (only not THAT bad). Some fish eye challenge takers too!
Discussing the night's Dan Jones experience:
Experiencing rejection, not being understood, not understanding others...all worth it when someone takes time to listen to your message!
The next morning, trainers meet for some orientation:
Together with new missionaries, they testify of PMG principles:
President instructs on the First Twelve Weeks program:
Watching their Dan Jones video:
Finding out who their trainer is...
is definitely exciting!
One by one they wait with anticipation...
Getting their red envelope:
This one wasn't too much of a surprise...
...being the only Taiwanese trainer this time:
This missionary's trainer...
...stepped down from serving as assistant to train:
The last two always open their envelopes together:
So they find out at the same time who their companion is:
Lunch together at Grey House:

Back to the mission home to sing the mission song:

These two missionaries are both from Brisbane, Australia. Having heard much about each other, they finally have the opportunity to meet!
Our newest Taiwan Taichung missionaries:


  1. Dear Sister Blickenstaff,
    Thank you for posting this picture. We have been waiting and watching all night to confirm his arrival. So glad to see that our son is now in your tender care. I know you will enjoy him. It looks like a wonderful group of missionaries. We send our love and prayers to all of you.
    Sister Cindie Gasser
    Payson, UT

  2. Thank you so much for watching over all of our children that have served in this mission. A strange fact is that along with his sister and brother in law he also had another sister (Kelsi) that served in this mission. I guess it is time Sister Anderson and I learn Mandarin for when we go serve another mission :) Thanks again for all you do!