Sunday, October 4, 2015

10-3-15 Kinmen Baptism

We arrived in Kinmen a day early to spend some P-day time exploring. 
The next morning, our beloved friends picked us up and took us to Little Kinmen island on the ferry.
 First stop was the cultural center. Have you ever seen a Chinese typewriter?
 There are even English characters on the far left and numerals on the right!
 Bamboo basketry:
 Bamboo steamers for mantou:
 The first sewing machine my grandfather gave my mother was identical to this antique Singer:
Xiamen, China, only 5km across the shore:
Monument to the historic bombing between China and Kinmen, which ceased in 1978.
Hand embroidery made by Madam Chiang Kai Shek in honor of the soldiers on Kinmen:
President's assistants arrived around noon to enjoy lunch together:
Best beef noodles on the island!
Hand made/hand cut noodles:
Pig stomach on the left, pig ears on the right:
A quaint elementary school:

School children enjoying milk popsicles and friendly foreigner folks on a warm afternoon:
Military demonstration of canon firing at Lion Mountain:

Standing at attention (ready to take in a hot dog and a football game):

Star Wars trunkies:
The highlight of Saturday evening, a new "birth":
The group celebrated another birthday on the same evening. 
This young woman is turning 12 and looking forward to attending the Taipei temple later this month:)
At church on Sunday with the Kinmen group leader's family:
We always try to pay a visit to his parents. Their family clan built this temple to their ancestors: 

 Another view of Xiamen:
 Tiniest crab ever!

 Tank time:
 Rock skipping on the shores of Kinmen:

 Checking out of the Victoria Star Hotel:
 This elder has been on more airplane trips during his mission than bus or train trips! 
Fortunately, we are able to visit with our Kinmen friends at the Taipei Temple twice a year! Until then:)

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