Saturday, March 26, 2016

3-26-16 Helping Our Converts Go to the Taipei Temple:)

This brother rose early at 4:00am to prepare for the temple! We've been praying that the Lord would strengthen the backs and shoulders of our dear missionaries, who carried him down five flights of stairs to depart for the High Speed Rail way down south in Zuoying:
 He was escorted by his bishop as well:
 Our walk from the subway station to the Taipei Temple:
 We are so grateful to have an holy temple to serve the members in Taiwan!
 Also grateful for the prophet Moroni who sealed up sacred records providing evidence of the restored gospel!
A couple of months ago, President's brother sent him a picture outside the Logan Temple with this Kaohsiung couple. Now we get to send his brother a picture of our friends with us outside the Taipei Temple!
 So great to see younger siblings of our missionaries! 
This sister will complete her missionary application soon, as she is about to turn 19. 
We hope she gets called to the Taichung Mission too!

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