Friday, March 18, 2016

3-2016 Asia Area Mission Presidents' Seminar - Hong Kong

Did you happen to notice that there are 11 presidents and wives standing? 
In addition to the usual 10 areas in the Asia Area, we have a new mission this year! 
The Vietnam Hanoi Mission!!!
We were also so blessed to have in attendance during our seminar this year the Executive Director of the Missionary Department, Elder Brent H. Nielson and his wife. Elder Nielson instructed on this past January's worldwide missionary broadcast, as well as this past December's first worldwide mission president's broadcast in the history of the Church. He answered our many questions and helped us to understand our missionary purpose in relation to hastening the work of salvation. We are called to teach repentance and baptize converts!

Outside the Hong Kong Temple with President and Sister Jergensen of the Taipei Mission:
The mission presidents' wives had a special session with Sis. Nelson, 
focusing on "Finding Strength Beyond Our Own":
The Asia Area Presidency's wives know how to uplift, inspire, and pamper us!    

   Getting back to the basics, from PMG Fundamentals, 
giving a demonstration on Teaching People, Not Lessons:
The senior couples of the China Hong Kong Mission did a beautiful job of hosting:
Outside the Hong Kong History Museum, where we visited our first year in 2013.
We will all be returning home the end of June this year:
With Elder and Sister Nielson:
Presenting Things of My Soul, a remembrance of the Taiwan Taichung Mission, 2013-16:
Meeting a mission companion of President's oldest brother, who served in Hong Kong many years ago:
What's a trip to Hong Kong without some shopping?

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