Thursday, April 28, 2016

4-28-16 Mission Leadership Council

Welcoming new mission leaders:
Counseling together:
Assistants conduct training on talking to EVERYONE:
Going outside for a practice:

These two sisters serving in the area surrounding the chapel...
 look like they already know what to do!
Lunch at the mission home:
It's Thai time!

 President loves it when I serve his favorite peach cobbler a la mode:
 Training by Sister Blickenstaff focused on recognizing that we are the Lord's servants and how to develop Christlike attributes in order to represent Him and teach with the Spirit. We need to lead by example and teach missionaries using PMG and the scriptures.
Role playing teaching opportunities:


 President instructs on the Doctrine of Christ and faith:

 Closing with the mission song:

 President counsels with sister training leaders on conducting effective exchanges:
 Our mission leaders:

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