Wednesday, April 6, 2016

4-6-16 Departing Missionaries

Last supper in the mission home:
President grills a mean pork tenderloin!
Fireside together...
with an opportunity to share testimonies at the conclusion:
We're going to miss them!
Since the temple is closed for maintenance, our Operations Manager planned an excursion to one of his favorite places:
Picking up this sister's mother on the way...and surprise...her brother was there too!
Beautiful day at Cingjing Sheep Farm, in the Sun Moon Lake vicinity:

Wait a minute, are we in Holland?
Back in December, I scoured the night market for a stuffed animal lamb for the Christmas nativity. Upon asking a shop owner where I could find one, she told me Cingjing Sheep Farm. She was right! I'm all set for Christmas 2017!

Such a cute little lamby:
The scenery was breathtaking:
Spring flowers in bloom:

I'm not the only one who likes to take pictures!

Singing Happy Birthday to the sister on the right, her last one in the mission field!

Time for a few snacks:
My favorite: shiitake mushrooms and squid balls!
Yet another fruit I've yet to taste in Taiwan:
Super sweet and juicy...a cross between cantaloupe and honeydew!
Love it!
Are we in the Alps?
Can't you just hear it? "The hills are alive..."
Heading back to Taichung:
Bus ride down the mountain:

Thank you to our Operations Manager!
Families waiting to greet their missionaries!
It's been a long two years:
This family has lived in Beijing for a number of years:
Picking up their cousin:
After another night in the mission home, America bound missionaries leave at 5am to catch their flight:
How wonderful it will be for their families when they arrive!

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