Sunday, April 19, 2015

4-2015 Magong Branch Conference - Kinmen Group

It was a historic day for the Magong Branch and Kinmen Group! For the first time, through modern technology, members were able to gather together in a conference without leaving their island. 
Through Skype, members from both congregations were able to give talks, pray, and sing together! The theme of the conference was faith. President presided in Kinmen while his counselor presided in Magong.
 Afterwards, the Kinmen Group held a luncheon for all in attendance:

 In America, potato salad usually accompanies fried chicken,
but the Taiwanese like to spread it in a sandwich!
 Then the surprise:
 An early birthday celebration: ? number of years holds the secret tight!
Make a wish:
 Always serving the members is Br. Huang, the Kinmen group leader, who sliced cake for everyone:
And what a gift! This family is from the same home ward as two of the Taiwanese sister missionaries arriving this Wednesday from the Philippines MTC! And the handsome soldier is also a friend with one of them. It's always a blessing to be able to present a new missionary with a handwritten note and picture from home when they arrive!
Yesterday the Huangs took us for a drive to a more rural area, with traditional homes:
And sun-ripened fields of wheat, that I had seen from the sky above while our plane was landing. President's counselor mentioned these wheat fields in his talk today, how they were harvested just yesterday. The harvesting and threshing process left grains of wheat behind that the birds could freely eat. He then shared what the Savior taught in Luke 12:6-7. As God watches over even His sparrows, how much more will He then watch over us. We just need to exercise faith in Him!
We also visited Br. Huang's early childhood friend, who cultivates grape tomatoes in his greenhouse:
They were as sweet as candy:
 Husband and wife working together in their business:
 This untouched photo exemplifies the beauty of the Lord's creations, given to His children for a blessing!
We then had dinner together at a very popular traditional Chinese restaurant:
The Huangs are always hoping for opportunities to share the gospel with others:
Sis. Huang invited her friend to meet us. 
We hope that prayer will help her to feel our Heavenly Father's love for her.
We love Kinmen!

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