Saturday, April 18, 2015

4-2015 On the Interview Trail

Every quarter we get the wonderful opportunity of interviewing our missionaries! It is so great to see them and spend a few minutes with them one on one. This time, the missionaries presented to me their Language Study Plan. I have been so inspired by their diligence! 

At the Yuanshan chapel, I had an interview and a hug with this lovely sister. Doesn't she have the cutest haircut? Not only that, she has lost 50 pounds since coming on island about six months ago!
Little did I know that my own daughter Caitlin, returned from her mission and attending BYU, went to the Provo temple that very same day. Caitlin had a great desire to attend an endowment session, but really did not have the time. At the last minute, she decided to go ahead with her plans. The sister temple worker asked for her name, and then asked if she was related to Pres. and Sis. Blickenstaff in Taiwan. My daughter responded that we were her parents. The temple worker, who happened to be the above sister missionary's mother, gave my daughter a big hug and, with tears in her eyes, told her that her daughter was currently serving in our mission. Two daughters hugged by each other's mother the same day. Thousands of miles apart. Tender mercies of the Lord!

As we interview from zone to zone, it takes us most of the month and we are on the road for several nights. We take advantage of this time to visit members, and also to eat at our favorite places across the island. Before going with us to visit one of our beloved recent converts, the sisters in Yuanshan,joined us for our favorite 燒肉便當(BBQ fast food). Cheap too: less than $2.50 for grilled boneless teriyaki pork loin over rice with choice of three vegetables!
The first fresh mango smoothie I've had this year in Pingdong was AMAZING! 
Best smoothie I've had so far on island!

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