Tuesday, April 28, 2015

4-29-15 Departing Missionaries

Twelve stalwart missionaries gathering at the mission home for their last evening in the Taiwan Taichung Mission:
Sharing their testimonies with each other:

Watching their farewell video:
We love them so much!
Sharing some thoughts with each other on the bus ride to the temple: 
1) What was their favorite area
2) What will they miss the most about Taiwan
3) What will they do first when they get home!
 This sister's family was waiting for her!

 Looks like she has a twin now:
 We love to attend the temple with our returning missionaries before the depart!

 Families Can Be Together Forever:)
 Outside with our APs:
Perhaps the last time these twins will see each other while on their missions:
 Handmade noodles for lunch before saying goodbye:

We will miss these valiant missionaries!

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