Saturday, April 4, 2015

4-4-2015 Grave Sweeping Day - Taichung

Government officials came to the mission office and asked for volunteer help to sweep graves. Thirty two of our young energetic missionaries showed up to give a morning of service!
 They were all give a name card:
 And guess who had the same name? This elder!
 Tools, gloves, and water were provided:
 Off to the grave sites, it was a beautiful day!
 Proselyting opportunities! This couple was so grateful for our willingness to serve:
 Feels so good to clean it up!
 Lots of TLC:
 We love to work along side our missionaries:
 Two by two:

 Some members joined us too:
 Four by four:

 So many bags filled:
 Several hours later...

 President gets feedback on the Easter Initiative...
 while waiting in the cool shade...
 for lunch to arrive, courtesy of the city!

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