Friday, July 31, 2015

2015 June/July Visitors

After visiting Hong Kong, couldn't get back into China, so came to Taiwan instead. Lucky us!!!
July 30
Visiting with us after climbing to the peak of Yushan Mountain!
July 29
 Visiting with her boyfriend (Taipei returned missionary):
July 25
 Sister missionary's family visiting from America (wise mother chose not visit her missionary!):
July 19
This returned missionary had heard about Thefreen but had never experienced it on his mission. 
We were happy to take him there!

We love being introduced to our returned missionaries' new friends:)
July 12
Meeting us in Kaohsiung during interviews:
July 10
Coming from Taibei and introducing a Taibei returned missionary to us:
June 27
From Hualien, leaving the country to work for a year:
June 8
 Parents coming to pick this elder up:
June 11
 Family coming to pick this sister up:
June 20
 Back to visit a few weeks prior to her temple sealing:
June 18
And also prior to her temple sealing, coming to visit from my mother's home stake!
June 11
Family visiting relatives in Taiwan! So good to meet the three sisters who served at the same time - one of our missionaries in Taichung, one in Taipei, and one in San Diego Mormon Battalion (Mandarin speaking):
 Spending a birthday in Taichung:
June 12

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