Saturday, July 18, 2015

7-18-15 Waterfalls Revisited!

At the trail down to the waterfalls:
 It's a steep one!
 This is where President slipped last time and ripped a hole in his shorts:)
 At least a quarter mile of large boulders to cross:
 Breathtaking scenery!
 And lots of water...
 Crystal clear...
 Watch out for those slippery moss-covered rocks!
 Too late…good thing mission presidents are allowed to swim during their three-year service!
 Most boulders you climb over…but this one you have to go under:
 Panoramic view (the blog doesn't do this justice):
 We finally reached the waterfall!
 Catching rays of sunshine:
President cools off with a swim:
 Sweet selfie:)

 Even sweeter selfie!

 Can you tell we had sweat dripping from our faces during the hike?
 Overlooking the countryside:
 On the way home, we spotted this Iron Man fan:
 Nice gas cover:
And I thought my Iron Man hand USB drive was cool!

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