Wednesday, July 22, 2015

7-22-15 Departing Missionaries

Gathering for one last dinner in the mission home:

And fireside afterwards:

Singing the mission song:

Mangos from the mission home tree...
...make for delicious mango sticky rice!
Six sisters and sixteen elders, such a valiant group!
Bus ride to temple: sharing what they will miss the most about Taiwan (excluding the people)!

One last session together at the Taipei Temple:
Meeting one of our missionary's parents!
Recent convert from Kaohsiung:
Proud mother and stake president coming to pick up their missionary:
Meeting another missionary's father before he arrives, he's in the MTC completing his training! 
The lucky elder already has a package waiting for him!
Having lunch together at temple patron housing:
They'll need the energy for their next activity...
…climbing Elephant Mountain:
Breathtaking view of Taipei 101:
While the missionaries were climbing, we met the new Taipei Mission president's family!
Welcome to Taiwan!!!

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