Sunday, July 12, 2015

Celebrating Mommy and Me Birthdays!

Celebrating my mother's 85th birthday a week early while my daughter was still in Taiwan:
 Singing Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl:
 We're hoping the wish she makes is to extend her mission call!
 Happy Birthday Mommy!
 Then being invited by some members on my birthday for handmade potstickers!
 They were perfectly cooked:)
 So beautiful…and the tofu and thousand-year-old eggs were TO DIE for!
 Even President dared to try it!
And amazing Taiwan summer fruit! 
(Yes, I ate most of the tofu and thousand-year-old-egg after I conveniently placed the plate in front of me.) 
 So sweet to have the sisters there to share a spiritual thought on sacrificing in behalf of the Savior:
 Mango pineapple chiffon cake!
 Celebrating 8-5-6, can you figure it out?
So great to have returned missionaries there to celebrate your birthday with you!
It was the best mission birthday ever!!!

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