Friday, September 11, 2015

August 2015 Visitors

This family is neighbors with one of President's APs!
August 24
Returning with her aunt and uncle who supported her throughout her mission:
Coming to visit and bringing another former Taichung missionary to meet us.
August 22
Surprised with so many visitors on the same day!
 So great to all have lunch together at President's favorite hole-in-the-wall place:
While this elder was serving his mission, we used to see his parents in Hong Kong every time we traveled there for the Mission Presidents' Seminar! Recently moved back to their homeland, we are grateful they came from Singapore to visit together with their son.
August 22
 President just shared with our newest missionaries how dedicated this elder was to being a Preach My Gospel missionary. He brought home with him about 10 worn copies of PMG, studied in detail throughout his mission, each time focusing on a different aspect of being a successful missionary. He was a powerful instrument in the Lord's hands in bringing dozens into the kingdom of God. 
He served for many months in Chiayi as a zone leader.
August 23
Love to have our Mission Recorder and Short-term missionary come back for a visit!
August 18
 We love meeting parents of our missionaries!
August 15

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