Thursday, September 3, 2015

9-2015 Mission Presidents' Seminar - Hong Kong

Six new mission presidents:
President & Sister Simmons in Singapore (P. Simmons is a returned Taiwan Taipei missionary)
President & Sister Jergensen in Taipei (P. Jorgensen is a returned Taiwan Taipei missionary)
President & Sister Johnson in Thailand
President & Sister Hodges in India New Delhi (both of their twin sons served in Taiwan)
President & Sister Lam in Hong Kong
President & Sister Christensen in Cambodia Phnom Penh
We donned "Faith, Energy, and Focus" aprons for the evening:
We had performances on the Erhu (Chinese violin) by some of the local young women:
This sweet sister pampered us with all of her special delicacies throughout the week. 
She even prepared a fun game for us!
Can you name all these Asian fruits and vegetables?
We identified the most, naming 13 of the 14!
And Annie always offers to go shopping for the mission presidents' wives,
for things we can't find in the countries we serve in:
We had some cooking lessons...our station was green papaya salad!
Definitely wanted to learn how to make green papaya salad! The two mission papaya trees were loaded with papayas, still green and unripe, when the tops were snapped off by typhoon Souldelor:(
Mango sticky rice for dessert:
Our wonderful Area Mental Health Advisor and his wife was among the clean up crew:
An international feast was laid before us!

Lugard Falls, on the trail to the dedicatory site on Victoria Peak:
Can you see the date carved into the rock? 7/14/49
 Elder Gong shared with us the events on July 14, 1949. E. Matthew Cowley, under the direction of the First Presidency, came to Victoria Peak to open the Hong Kong mission.
Overlooking Victoria Harbor:
Together with Elder Wong:
Beautiful lookout point:
Dinner at The Peak Lookout:
Hong Kong at night:
The Church Administration Building (CAB):
Our last session of the seminar focused on the Savior's Atonement and closed with testimonies:
Such a spiritual a zone conference for Mission Presidents!

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