Saturday, September 19, 2015

9-19-15 Preparation Day to Xiao (Little) Liu Qiu Island!

What a gorgeous day to ferry out to Xiao Liu Qiu:
 Rented an electric scooter!
 Miao overlooking the ocean:
 Flower Vase Rock: Little Liu Qiu's most famous coral limestone landmark!
 The water was crystal clear and warm as the waters in Hawaii!
The first lookout we came upon had over a hundred children and parents eyeing the beautiful waters patiently...
 until they all broke out in squeals of excitement, pointing out to sea...
Can you see the sea turtle swimming around, ready to surface for air?
A light brown dot to the right of the light green leaf-shaped coral bed!

Fishermen overlooking fish farms in the distance:
 Cute little diner with awesome mango smoothies!
 Afternoon snack:
 When we have more time, we'll be back to see the rest of the island!

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