Wednesday, September 9, 2015

9-9-15 New Arriving Missionaries!

After visa waiting four months in the Australia Brisbane mission, he's finally here!
With a six hour wait before the second elder would arrive, 
we went back to the Taipei Temple for an endowment session:
 Then took the HSR back to Taoyuan Airport:
 To pick up our second elder from Arizona!
 On a shuttle bus to the HSR to head back to Taichung:
 Finally at the HSR station in Taichung!
It was well after midnight when the APs picked us up and snapped this photo.
Breakfast at the mission home:
The moment they've been waiting for...meeting their trainers!
 They received an abbreviated orientation,
to return in four weeks for the remainder of new missionary activities:
 Lunch with their trainers:
 APs trained on contacting, demonstrated by their trainers:
 The new missionaries giving it their first shot:

 Our newest Taiwan Taichung missionaries!
That's 35 new missionaries this transfer...that counts for a record!

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