Sunday, October 2, 2016

10-1-16 General Conference - Saturday Morning Session

It's always such a great experience to listen to General Conference in the Conference Center!
What an amazing surprise to see one of our recent converts from Taichung!
Such a tender mercy as well! She and her friend showed up to the morning session with their afternoon session tickets. When they were turned away at the door, they sadly, left but a kind woman randomly offered them tickets to the morning session! After she finally entered the conference center, she saw me at the same portal, as well as one of her missionaries!
She'll be here studying at BYU's ELC for several months...we're so proud of her!
We were ushered to our seats and were privileged to sit next to the recently released mission president and wife of the India Bangalore Mission. 
We served together in the Asia Area, and were in the same class of mission presidents:)
We love to see our missionaries and meet their families!
This Taichung returned missionary from Taipei is enjoying one great part of a BYU education...being  so close to Zion!
After the session, aboard the UTA, we met another missionary whose foster brother is a Taichung missionary, along with three others from his ward! What a powerhouse ward!

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