Friday, October 14, 2016

10-14-16 Return to Taiwan for the 60th Anniversary Celebration of Missionary Work in Taiwan

 Back at the Taiwan Taichung Mission Office!
What a joy to meet recent converts who are preparing to go on a December:)))
As we asked all our missionaries what they are going to miss the most when they leave Taiwan, one of them responded, "Ba Fang" dumpling house, and told us it was where he wanted to eat when a member family offered to treat him anywhere he desired! Well, that's the first place we hit for lunch for our first meal back. It did not disappoint!
 Across the street to the hospital where this missionary is recovering from an appendectomy: he and President now have something in common...having your appendix removed while serving a mission!
 Such beautiful sister missionaries at the Wuquan chapel next door!
 And recent converts too!
Dinner down in the Chung Yo foodcourt with the family of our most wonderful helpmeet, 
who was not only our housekeeper for three years but our beloved friend and supporter!
 Happiness is families coming into the gospel and staying forever!