Saturday, October 22, 2016

10-22-16 Magong Branch Temple Day

We arrived in Taipei the night before the semi-annual Magong Branch Temple Day so President could visit with members from Kinmen before his departure early the next morning:
So blessed to be able to joined by a good friend and mission support
throughout our entire three years in Taichung:
After President left for Taoyuan International, I took in an awesome run at Da'an Park:
Being Saturday, the exercise groups came out in numbers!
Lots of slapping going on to revive those muscles:
Exercising with accessories is more fun!
Not to mention weapons!
A large group of youth also gathered very early:
Ouch, that hurts just watching her stretch!
Magong Branch and Kinmen Group members preparing to enter the Taipei Temple:
The young woman on the left decided she wanted to attend school in Magong.
There she met the missionaries, received the restored gospel, and was baptized not too long ago.
This is her first trip to the temple! Our Kinmen young woman finds strength and joy in numbers!
After being baptized, she introduced the Church to her mother who was baptized in Magong the day before!
We love the Magong and Kinmen members...
...and have such admiration for the sacrifices they make twice a year to fly to Taiwan
in order to participate in the sacred ordinances of the temple!
What examples of faith and righteousness!

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