Sunday, October 2, 2016

9-30-16 Taichung Mission Reunion 2010 - 2016

Thanks to all who attended our Taiwan Taichung Mission Reunion! 
President and Sister Bishop preceded us in presiding over the Taiwan Taichung Mission from 2010 - 2013. We are so grateful for their labors in Taiwan, and in preparing such a great mission for us to arrive to! 
A wonderful thank you also for all your help in organizing this reunion!
Among the first to arrive at 5:00pm:
 Dinner before the game!

 Working at the MTC later tonight:

WOW, coming all the way from Taiwan to attend General Conference! 
We are so lucky to have her at our reunion...too bad her boyfriend didn't come...another Taichung RM!
(Who's that photobombing?!)
Missionaries from the Bishop's generation:

Reunited from across the world!
Lots of yummy sandwiches!
And lots of hugs all through the night:

Welcome from Oklahoma!!!

Past companions,,,present roommates!

We are so proud of our missionaries coming from their native countries to obtain degrees at BYU!

These guys are all merrily married now!

Congrats to our newly engaged missionaries! 
Blissful Couple #1!
Blissful Couple #2!
Blissful Couple #3!
Visiting from Pingdong!

Blissfully Married!
Blissfully Expecting!
Mother and daughter reunited:)

 Gathering for a brief program, a picture (of course) and prizes!

 A few words from President Bishop...
 And the Blickenstaffs:
 So great a group!
Now the prizes...
Attending the reunion from the furthest away!
 All our RMs who are recently engaged or married!
 Our RMs who have married another Taichung missionary...Larrying?
 Most children...well, expecting in December. 
All the others must have stayed home with their babies! 
So proud of all who have received degrees and/or certifications:
 And so happy for all who have made it back to Taiwan!
On to more visiting!

Never-ending Selfies!
This selfie is getting sent to our RC:

Hey, open those beautiful eyes!
Our beloved Singaporean missionaries!

From Taipei:)
After being stranded in Holladay with car troubles, she was rescued by sweet sisters that left the reunion to fetch her:)

WOW! All the way here from Magong, Penghu Islands!
And with one of the missionaries who served there for six months:)

Several of our devoted missionaries came from BYUI after being delayed in traffic for five hours!
We're so grateful they didn't give up and turn around!
Especially to be reunited with an elder coming all they way out from Minnesota!

We are SO grateful for everyone that came, and for keeping your wonderful mission experience alive in your hearts!

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