Thursday, June 1, 2017

2017 Memorial Day Weekend Visitors!

After I had committed to watch two grandkids for Memorial Weekend so my daughter and her husband could vacation in Europe, President made the comment that we could have had a 4-day weekend to vacation ourselves. But staying home with grandkids was a blessing in disguise, because we were surprised by not one but two visits that weekend!
Coming down to visit grandma, we had a fun breakfast together on Saturday morning!
 The whole wheat waffles and strawberries were inhaled so quickly I didn't get a chance to take a pic!
 We suggested a hike to Mugu proud of our patriotic sons!
Then if that wasn't a nice enough surprise, look who else popped in Saturday night!
Fresh squeezed OJ from our backyard oranges goes great with breakfast burritos:)
They were so great with the grandkids too...gave me a little break:)
Suggested the hike again before attending church together...
was just as gorgeous looking out towards Malibu!
 More Camarillo strawberries after church together and a quick BBQ!
Off to a little beach camping before heading back to Utah!
 Need a quick break from the humdrum of school and/or work? 
Come visit, we have plenty of room and plenty of food!

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