Thursday, June 22, 2017

2017 Camarillo Stake Youth Conference: Ask - It Opens Doors

This year's Camarillo Stake Youth Conference theme was focused on missionary work:
Ask - It Opens Doors

The youth conference started on a Thursday afternoon with each of the young men and women receiving their "mission call" and reporting to their districts where they learned about their "mission" from a YSA who had served the same mission. After a hearty dinner, we arranged for a fireside with our niece Hanna Eyre, NBCs The Voice contestant!
Hanna shared with our youth her experiences with the 2017 season of The Voice. They learned about her music background, how she progressed through the auditions, how her choice to wear her YW medallion opened the door to gospel discussions, why she insisted on modest styles, etc. Afterwards, Hanna performed two arrangements of hymns, as well as two songs she had composed. Before ending the fireside, Hanna took questions and answers from the youth, during which one brave young man asked, "Are you single?!" 
Hanna and youth from the Camarillo Stake:
 A crazy pose!
 She was sweet to grant photo ops:
And our youth showed her how to have a good time during the stake dance the entire night:)
 Together with a sister her father's mission in Japan, and our stake president:
 With our stake YW president:
 With a member of our stake presidency:
 Taking the train home the next morning with Sister Chao:
 The next morning, I had the opportunity once again to role play with "sister missionaries" to help the youth learn about Teaching People, Not Lessons!
We love helping every young man, and woman, prepare to serve a mission!

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