Friday, June 16, 2017

Every Day a Missionary!

We are looking forward to the Camarillo Stake youth conference towards the end of this month, focusing on missionary work! Our stake YW president presented the idea of participating daily in the work of salvation, similar to the Light the World initiative by the Church last Christmas. President (currently stake YM president) felt the need for parents of the youth to be involved as well. Our stake president was so inspired by this idea that he has incorporated this into a Camarillo Stake initiative for the month of June:
What a wonderful way to be a missionary all over again!

I invite you ALL to participate and be an EVERY DAY A MISSIONARY for one month straight!

I have been so blessed this month to have had so many opportunities to share my testimony with others!
This week, as I prepared to fly to South Carolina for my nephew's wedding, I prayed for an opportunity to share my testimony. On my flight to Atlanta, several Mandarin speaking college-aged young women boarded the plane. I thought perhaps they were from mainland China and welcomed a couple of them to sit with me. Turns out they were from a college in Guangdong, and all en route to Florida to start a three-month internship over the summer! When I told this bright young student that President and I had served as missionaries in Taiwan for three years, she asked me what it was that missionaries did. So I told her what missionaries DO and TEACH! Unfortunately, it was a stark realization that my ability to share the gospel in Mandarin had regressed over the past year. Fortunately, she still agreed to let me send her a Book of Mormon while she was here in America:)

Lesson learned: ALWAYS keep a Simplified Chinese Book of Mormon on hand! 
You never know when you'll need to share it with someone who may not otherwise have an opportunity to obtain one in their native country!

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  1. Amen! That is a such great plan to be missionaries at home AND a great reminder for how to be better prepared missionaries to the Chinese people that we love so much but often don't know when we'll see! Thank you Sister Blickenstaff for the advice and for being such an awesome example to us still! I'm going to get a 摩尔门经 next chance I get!