Saturday, June 17, 2017

6-17-17 I Love Lychees!

When I first saw fresh lychees in Taiwan I was so surprised! The outer shell was pink, not dark brown; and so soft to peel, and not hard to crack! I realized that it's because the ones my mother, Sis. Chao, bought at the Asian market in California had been picked so long ago that they were seriously dried out. Look at these beauties...they were so huge and fresh! Makes me think I'm in Taiwan again!
Where did I get them from? Not in California! I went to South Carolina to attend my cousin's son's wedding, and her auntie from Florida brought us a big bag of fresh lychees! She buys them every year from lychee growers in the Sunshine State:)
 So huge and amazingly sweet and juicy!
 Wedding attendees came to Sunset, South Carolina from all over the U.S. and even Canada!
 The venue was at the Reserve at Lake Keowee:
 On my morning run along the lake...
 I discovered how beautiful and clear the water was!
 A haven for golf lovers!
 Clubhouse pool to cool off in the afternoon:
 Poolside bar and grill for members:
 ...and a special pool for the kiddies!
 The bride's family had a dock with lots of fun activities to enjoy the day before the wedding:
 Giving paddle boarding a try:
Wow, it's been years since I've been on a jetski! Growing up, my cousin was the big sister I never had. Every summer I spent a couple of weeks at her house, and one year she taught me how to sew. That skill has served my family, including my missionaries, very well!
 Outdoor BBQ that evening, complete with summertime thunderstorms!
 The groom!
 Breakfast with my other cousin's family in Clemson:
 Driving through the campus of the NCAA National Champions!
 Gorgeous campus!
 The owner of the cottage where my other two two cousins' families were staying offered to take us on a boat ride. Southern hospitality to the max!
 Crystal clear water!
 We found a group of youth cliff diving:
 Or more like belly flopping!
 Lake Keowee has over 300 miles of shoreline!
 Next day...the wedding!
 Overlooking the lake:
 Bride and father, mother and groom dance:
 So tender!
 Older brother toasting the groom:
 Both fathers stressed the importance of commitment in marriage:)
 Our dinner table:
 The traditional Jewish Hora chair dance:
 After an impressive firework show, the couple drove off in a Maserati through a path lined with mega sparklers!
Saying goodbye to the happy couple!
Nothing in life is more important than family!
 Greenville/Spartanburg Airport:
I have a whole new respect for South Carolina!

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