Tuesday, April 24, 2018

3-30-18 Taichung Mission Reunion Time!

Lots of great helpers showed up early to set up...

...while my daughter and son-in-law were at Costco picking up all the pizzas!
This RM's mom sent several trays of baklava to Taiwan while he was serving as assistant to the president. He generously shared an entire pan with me, and it was the best baklava I'd EVER tasted!
Knowing that he would be attending our reunion, she SO thoughtfully baked a fresh batch the evening before, and sent three trays from northern California up to Utah for us to enjoy! 
How amazing is that?!
Dinner time...zone conference style!
 My granddaughter is eyeing that pizza!
 She's going for it!
So great to have so many come that had served most their mission with President Bishop. 
We inherited some great elders and sisters!
 This couple came and visited us while on their honeymoon in Taiwan!

 Cousins who both served in our mission!
 Son and father:
 This RM has been called to be a Young Performing Missionary in Nauvoo!
He'll soon be wearing a name tag again...oh those glorious days!
 I remember my first interview on the island with this native Taiwanese RM on the left. He had stitches in his lip...the day before he'd been in a bike accident with a dog! He told me although his wrist was sore and his tooth was loose, he was grateful nothing was broken and he felt he had been protected by his name tag.
It really is a privilege to bear the Savior's name on your chest!
 Lots of couples coming up!

 These two are getting married in a couple of weeks!!!
More waiting anxiously to tie the knot!

Proud parents of a beautiful baby boy!
And soon to arrive bundle of joy...also a boy!
 Love the brotherhood!

 And the sisterhood!

 Fathers and sons...

 Mother and daughter...and our special guest from Yuanlin, here awaiting his son's departure from the MTC!

 My brother came by to say "Hello," and pointed out his daughters mission plaque to me.
She's serving in the Taiwan Taibei Mission! So proud of her!


Being goofy!
 And goofier!!!
Then there were those that wanted pics with us:

We were thrilled to have lunch with President and Sister Bishop. And another beloved missionary who wasn't able make it to the reunion was able to join us!
Have to show off our granddaughters!
Also so happy to meet this RM the night before the reunion, who was literally on his way out to Nashville to pursue a career in music. 
He and his companion "trained" us as our first APs...we'll miss him!

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