Wednesday, April 25, 2018

4-14-18 Salt Lake City Temple Sealing

We are always so happy when we're able to attend our missionaries' sealings!
 Dipping the beautiful bride!
 We're so happy for this awesome couple!
 The temple grounds were so beautiful that day...
 The flowers were brilliant!
 The next day we attended the BYU YSA First ward, of which my brother, David Chao, was just called to serve as bishop! I'm so happy for him! We met a couple of our awesome sister missionaries: 
 As this brother greeted us, I thought, oh dear, I don't recognize him as one of our missionaries! Then I remembered, it was one of our Mandarin trainers in the MTC when we were preparing to enter the field!
 This sweet sister told us she had started her mission in Taichung the transfer after we were released:
 And this sister served with our daughter while she was in the Korea Seoul South Mission:
Lots of our missionaries on campus at BYU on Sunday! 

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