Friday, April 27, 2018

Spring 2018 Graduates!

Look who has graduated this spring!!! 
Bachelor of Science in Applied Statistics and Data Analytics:
From BYU, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation:
 Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience, and headed to University of Utah School of Medicine:
Last year (oops) from BYU Hawaii, with a liberal arts degree in 
International Cultural Studies and Intercultural Peacebuilding & Communications, with a minor in Chinese.
On the left she walked with her parents when they got their degrees, and on the right her parents walked with her when she got her own degree! This fall she's starting a masters in Marriage and Family Therapy at BYU!
From BYU, Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering Technology:
From University of Utah, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration:
From BYU, Bachelor of Arts in Chinese:
Bachelor of Science in Economics, Minor in Business Strategy:
 Bachelor of Arts in Chinese, Minor in Communications:
 Bachelor of Science in Math and Economics:
From Utah State University, Bachelor of Arts in Marketing, and starting out with Reagan Outdoor Advertising:
From Utah State University, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Minor in Chinese:
 From Utah State University, Bachelor of Arts in Communications Disorders, Minor in Chinese:
 And this is my very favorite BYU son-in-law!
Bachelor of Science in Economics with a Minor in Business:


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