Tuesday, August 11, 2015

8-11-15 Gaoxiong East Zone Conference - Yuanshan Chapel

New missionary introductions:
We were blessed to have President's counselor attend so many of our zone conferences:
His thoughts reflect President Monson's First Presidency Message, Stand as a Light.
"When you are a light to the world, people around you will feel a special spirit that will make them want to associate with you and follow your example."
Providing translation (with cheese):
Zone leaders instruct on the mission vision, goals, and plans:
Involving zone member in putting together the pyramid:

Zone leaders trying to be focused on three new stakes in Gaoxiong!!!
Instructing out of Preach My Gospel:

Celebrating September, October and November birthdays:
Pizza…so good!
Our senior couples add so much zest to our mission!
Must not be enough cheese on that pizza:(

"Abide With Me" solo with accompaniment arranged by her companion.
The stake president sharing his vision for Taiwanese missionaries:
APs inspiring the zone with cheesy grins:
Practicing sharing Preach My Gospel Planner with members:

President wrapping up the conference:
Closing with the mission song;

Zone leadership meeting afterwards during MLC:
Developing finding skills. Using an icebreaker like, "Pass the cheese please!"

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