Sunday, August 23, 2015

8-20-15 Central Southern Youth Conference at National Pingdong University of Science and Technology

Arriving at the university:
 Getting oriented for the evenings activities:
 Breaking up into four stations:

 Heading to dinner:
 Meeting RCs is the BEST!!!

Dining with the youth:

 Great to see so many member leaders:
 And returned missionaries…this one with his younger sister who is now serving in our mission too!
 Both of President's counselors as well as every stake president in the mission, 
and many of their wives and counselors attended:
 Taichung missionaries opened by singing the mission song:

 MCs for the evening ~ both past and present Mission Recorders:
 First they invited each youth who had received a call to serve a mission to stand:
 This young man shared his experience about returning to activity and then choosing to serve the Lord.
He has received his mission call to the Oregon Salem Mission!
 Next they asked all who had been baptized within the past year to stand ~ over a dozen stood up:
 This young man shared his conversion story: after two elders had a no show, they tracted in his area instead, knocked on this young man's door, and taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ. He was baptized!
 Then they asked all who desired to serve a mission to stand. WOW, they are almost all standing!
 President singing a Taiwanese song that he learned on his mission, and getting a round of applause:
 Closing on a more serious note, encouraging the youth to serve missions:
 President's counselor testifying:

 Relay races to help the youth learn about rescuing inactive members:

Sharing conversion stories with the youth:

 Helping the youth use the Preach My Gospel planner to hasten the work of salvation:
 Role playing how to share the gospel with others:

 Next morning at breakfast:
 So many friends!
 Missionaries depart back to their areas:
 Outdoor activities start: zipline!

Working together in unity and balance: 
 Getting the platform balanced evenly... as to be level.
  Oops…not so easy as it looks:
When the platform is level, then you can add another male and female team member:
 Until all are on the platform…then sing a song together!
 Helping team members up:

 Trust Fall! Do you dare? Better say a prayer! 
This young woman said she still had a mission to go on, so prayed for her friends not to drop her! 

 The balance beam starts out with an easy challenge:
 Going across is not as easy with your eyes closed, but with the help of others it's not so scary:
 Obstacles can make it really hard:
 But with the right support...
You can do it!

 Studying President Eyring's 2012 conference address, "Mountains to Climb":
 And then sharing thoughts and impressions:
 Learning about the courageous young Minute Men who helped their handcart company cross the icy waters of the Sweetwater River by carrying women and children across on their backs:
 Experiencing the icy waters!
 Learning about time management:
 And prioritizing:
 Making time for less important things (medium and small sized rocks) by getting the most important things, like prayer and scripture study (large rocks), done first (in the bucket)!
 Studying Alma 49:8.
 Working as a team:
 To get everyone onto one small platform...
 ...then across the two short planks to the other platform!
 Once you're over to the other side...
 …you can help your other team members to cross:
 Very tricky not to let the two boards give way:
Working together is essential!
 My good friend and artist's daughter:
 This young man still hasn't obtained parental permission to be baptized,
but we are so grateful he could come and attend this wonderful youth conference!
 Surprise visit from this young elder who just returned from his mission in Irvine, California! 
He visa waited in our mission for one transfer, and now he's back already...
 ...waiting for his stake president to release him (below):
 Starting off the self-reliance/career workshop:
 The youth were able to choose from a wide range of career opportunities, including
Health and Beauty:
 Military ~ Army, Navy, Air Force:

 Business Administration:
 Food & Restaurant Services:
 Other industries included Education, IT, Government Services, Travel,
Industrial Design, Chemistry & Physics.

Of course NO youth conference would be complete without a DANCE!
 Having fun learning EFY dances:
 About 400 youth attended this year's conference:
 Some talented performers:
 And rapping by our former bishop's sons:
After a good night's rest, the youth rose early for a closing testimony meeting and spiritual feast.
Next year's youth conference will be an all-Taiwan event celebrating the Church's 60th year in Taiwan!

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  1. Wonderful opportunity for these youth. So glad to have sent some from our Ward. They came back excited.