Wednesday, August 26, 2015

8-26-15 Arriving Missionaries!

Our longest visa waiter is finally here! Arriving from New Zealand this morning:
President on the way to training the trainers, got to FaceTime with our new elder:
Visiting the Taipei Temple while waiting for remaining arrivals:
Joined by our native Taiwanese missionaries arriving from the Philippines that evening:
Saying goodbye to their beloved MTC translator:
Here they are, all 32 missionaries! And one more arriving tomorrow morning direct to the mission home.
On the bus ride home, missionaries share about their families, something interesting about themselves, and what their expectations are for their missions:
 After a short night's rest, up early at the mission home for some traditional Taiwanese breakfast and seasonal fruit:
Dragon fruit, milk pineapple, mango, and watermelon!
 Oil sticks (Chinese doughnut) and soy bean milk:

 This sister discovered her ward member works in the mission home!
 Morning orientation:
 Learning from President about the mission vision, goals and plans:

After a presentation on the Blickenstaff family, 
new missionaries get an introduction to the Taiwan Taichung Mission:
Orientation on office procedures:
 And finances:
 Lunch at the chapel:

 Afternoon training included an introduction to Taiwanese culture by the APs:
 As well as training on street contacting:
 And a chance to practice!

 A banquet dinner before their Dan Jones Experience:

 Daring elders taking on the duck brain challenge:

 And some going for fish eyes:

 More duck brain takers:

 One brave sister...I think she swallowed it whole!
 President reviews with the missionaries their Dan Jones Experience:
 How many did not understand what was said, or were not understood tonight? But you survived!
 President sharing a miracle story (see Gaoxiong West Zone Conference post)
 Up bright and early for the mile run. This morning's fastest time clocked in at 5:15!
 Buddha claps:)
 They finally meet their trainers!
Lunch with the first companion in the mission field:

 Singing the mission song before departing to their first area!
 We love them all already!


  1. Oh I just love this! Thanks for Sharing! My amazing nephew Elder McKay Christensen is soooo excited to be serving! Can't wait for the emails every week!! Love him so much!

    1. I saw E. Christensen fearlessly contacting everyone at our Dan Jones activity Friday night. He was a beast, and I told him so the next day before he departed to his first area. So grateful for the courage and diligence of our new missionaries!

  2. Thank you for the great pictures-- so fun to see they've arrived and were greeted with such love!

  3. Thank you for taking such great care of the missionaries! We are anxious to hear from our son, Elder John Graves!

  4. Thank you so much for your service to the missionaries! Elder Watson was so excited to be in Taiwan where his grandpa also served. What a great group of Missionaries!

  5. This was wonderful to see pictures of all of these wonderful missionaries one of which is our grandson Elder John Graves.
    May our Lord keep them in the palm of His hand as they do His work that they were called to do.
    We love our missionaries.

  6. Our Son Elder Tanner Braden was so happy to find out who his new arrival would be, as he is going to be a 1st time Trainer. Here is what Tanner said in his email letter home to us Sunday = 1. I'M A DADDY! I'm training a new missionary. He is Elder Wilkinson. We took one year of Chinese together back in Junior High! He's awesome! We already hit it off as best friends. I'm so stoked!
    Thanks for all the opportunity for growth and service for our Tanner. He hit his one year mark in July and has loved the Blikenstaffs as family and respected them as the Lords' Mentors. You are ALL in our EVERY PRAYER, and we keep your names of the Bountiful Prayer Roll every time we attend! Hugs, from Marty and Kathleen Braden

  7. Oh Sister Blickenstaff! We just love the blog and seeing these pictures of our son Elder James Gilbert and others we know in the mission like Elder Colin Cole. These pictures bring life to the stories we are hearing in letters and we enjoy each one. Thank you for your leadership and keeping all of us parents up to date on things going on in the mission. We love you already!

  8. Hello Sister Blickenstaff. When will we be able to view the Dan Jones videos? Thank you.

  9. Unfortunately the software keeps crashing the computer:( Operatiins is still trying to resolve the issue. Sorry!