Thursday, August 6, 2015

8-6-15 Jiayi & Tainan Zone Conference in Tainan

Zone leader conducting:
Chinese translation:
Introducing new missionaries:
Departing missionary reflections:
President instructing on baptismal goal qualifications:
Discussing Theadore M. Burton's talk, "The Meaning of Repentance":
President's first counselor addressing the missionaries:
Is the light we radiate to the world steady and strong? What can cause our light to be weak or shaky? 
How can we be the light of the world, the salt of the earth?
With Father's Day approaching (in Taiwan 8-8-15), what gift may we give our Heavenly Father?
And with the 60th anniversary of the Church in Taiwan next year, what gift can we give to the mission?
So grateful to have our Tainan stake presidency counselor join us and share his conversion story. Having been raised in a Christian family, he felt all his years growing up and attending church that something was missing. He sought out other churches; some made him afraid, others lacked warmth. He even attended a 3-day conference but could not find what he was searching for. Then one evening he found an English Class tract and attended. Afterwards, when he met with the missionaries, he felt something different. He felt he had truly been in the presence of servants of God! In three months, he came to know that in order to receive the blessings these servants of God promised, he had to join the Church. One year after baptism, he met his wife at a single adult activity and the two were later married in the Taipei temple! He assured our missionaries that no action is every wasted. Every contact is a seed planted!
Zone leaders train on the mission vision, goals, and plans:
The Jiayi Zone had such a great teaching method that President wanted everyone to join in!
Starting out with some T'aichi, they moved into "C" formation = Converted PMG missionaries:
Then "U" formation = Unified companionships:
And lastly, "F" = Baptize, focusing on Families!
Costco always comes through with pizza:

 After lunch, a beautiful piano solo by one of our newest missionaries, performing "Our Savior's Love":
Celebrating September, October, and November birthdays:
 APs train on "Working with Members":
Companionships discuss how to use the new Preach My Gospel Planner to help members share the gospel with their friends and associates:

Translation by our native missionaries helps them to develop their English skills:
Closing with the mission song:

The Jiayi and Tainan Zones:
After zone conference, zone leaders take a look at zone performance during MLC:
Rising trend in achieving mission standards:
Discussing how to improve finding skills:
After all...
Nothing happens in mission work...
until you find someone to teach!

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