Wednesday, August 12, 2015

8-12-15 Gaoxiong West Zone Conference - Shizhong Chapel

Zone leaders welcoming missionaries to zone conference:
President instructing on baptismal goal qualifications:
 Zone leaders conduct training on the mission vision, goals and plans:
 Districts discuss various aspects:

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 Celebrating September, October, and November birthdays:
 Beautiful rendition of "I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go":
The stake president of the Kaohsiung West Stake came to address the missionaries. He was pleased to see a half dozen native missionaries at the conference, and talked about how many of the Taiwanese missionaries are being called abroad. He has a goal to form a third stake from the two existing Kaohsiung stakes, and they are very close to accomplishing this. He has worked diligently with bishops in his stake to determine what they can do and how they can hasten the work of salvation in the individual wards. It is wonderful to see the priesthood keys in the stake aligned with the priesthood keys in the mission to establish the Church in Taiwan.
 His son, returned home that week from serving in the Los Angeles Califonia Mission, bore a strong testimony of unlocking the powers of heaven through obedience to the Lord's commandments.
Very timely instruction by the APs on working with members.
Practicing sharing the Preach My Gospel Planner with members:

President wrapping up his instruction with invitations:
How involved is the Lord in missionary work? President shared one missionary's miracle story. An elder, traveling to his first area with his trainer, rode the train from Taichung to Kaohsiung and met a young man on the train (encounter #1). The young man wasn't very interested in the gospel and so they parted ways. While still during his 12-week training in his first area, the missionary ran into the same young man again and recognized him (#2). They had a friendly conversation, the young man was still not interested, and they parted ways again. Then out of training in a new area with a new companion, the missionary runs into the young man again (#3). Still not interested. Yet later, perhaps a year into his mission, the missionary is transferred north to a rural town in the central part of the mission. Here, he runs into the same young man who is now working and thinking his life isn't going too smoothly. Perhaps the Lord really is watching over him and the gospel could help him find happiness…he is now investigating the Church!
Closing with the mission song:

The Gaoxiong West Zone:
Zone leaders presenting at MLC after zone conference:
APs training on finding skills:

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