Friday, August 19, 2016

8-19-16 Taichung Mission Reunion

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These newlyweds flew out the morning of the reunion. That didn't stop them from visiting us on their way to Salt Lake International:))) 
 Neither did a BYU football retreat stop Corey Edwards from having lunch together with us!
 It's always a privilege to meet our missionary's parents:
Especially when they're still serving in the field:
 We bought WAY TOO MUCH pizza!
 We're grateful those that had to be to other wedding receptions and performances...still made it for a few minutes!
 A great showing, especially from our senior couples!

 A little later in the evening:

 And from his drone above...
Courtesy of Brennan Tolman Media:

A few pics of our beloved missionaries:

A few lessons learned at this reunion:
1. Get someone to help you get the food on the table!
2. Get someone to help you take pictures of missionaries with each other!
3. Get all your missionaries to join the Taichung Missionaries 2013 - 2016 Facebook group!!!

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