Friday, August 26, 2016

Visitors to Camarillo!

Visit from Zhong, August 26:
First stop after arrival at LAX, our favorite taco hangout!
 Well, maybe that was our second favorite hangout...our first is the LA Temple!
We were just set apart last week to serve as ordinance workers, and are so excited!

 Ok, too many favorite post-temple hangouts! 
Diddy Riese for ice cream sandwiches in Westwood:)
 Saturday hike to Mugu Peak with friend Jean:
 Down to Malibu for a Cuban sandwiches at Cafe Habana:
 Celebrating on Sunday with the FAM...oldest sister Kelly's birthday!
 I'm impressed, Zhong kept up the pace for about four miles!
 Up the coast on Monday to the Santa Barbara pier, and some street tacos:
 Amazing Ahi Tuna!
 Too short a trip...on his way home already...but we'll be back to Taiwan to see him soon!
Quick overnight visit from Yang Ming Chien, August 15:
Enjoying Thai food at S.T. Noodle Bar in Long Beach:)
 She did a great job taking anniversary photos for us at the temple!
Don't you agree?!
36 Years!
 Cool car outside Diddy Riese's:
Andrea Higham came from Castaic to enjoy breakfast with us!
 Leaving already:(((
 At Mugu Rock:
 Making our way to LAX via Pacific Coast Highway:
 Nice day of waves for kite surfers:
 On the coast of Malibu:
Kayla Graham came for a quick visit, especially to attend a stake fireside about our mission:

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