Friday, August 5, 2016

Here's a Tribute to All the Missionaries Who Left Unauthorized Selfies on My iPhone:)))

 My daughter put this on my desktop before we entered the MTC:)
My son-in-law at our last family vacation in Cancun prior to our mission:
My daughter couldn't resist:
Welcoming us at the mission home upon our arrival to Taichung:
Oh Elder Darrington, we love you!
Our first Operations Manager!
Our third AP. Looks so serious but he's so NOT!
APs at the top of Taipei 101, taking our returning missionaries on a tour before their departure:
See, I told you he wasn't serious!
Together with our cookie baking OPS manager:
Looks like he needs more chocolate chip cookies!
On a Taipei Temple trip, 2-19-14:
APs at March zone conferences, 2014:
Tsk, picture taking in the chapel, silly!

Looks like it's P-day at the mission home:
Zone leaders, then APs:
Taichung zone conference, 6-2014:
Exercising with new missionaries:
Jiayi interviews, 7-2014:
P-day hike to the bat caves and waterfall in Taiping! 8-2014
Our first APs returning to Taiwan for a visit, 8-2014:

My son and his fiancée visiting us!
Up at Sun Moon Lake:)
At Zhongxing zone conference together, 11-2014:
Preparing to become senior companions at Specialized Training Meeting, 11-2014:
At the Taichung Airport, taking us to pick up our daughter arriving from Korea, returning from her mission, 11-2014
Here she is!
Later at the mission home:
And in the backyard by the banana tree. 
Yep, you guessed it, that's why I make banana bread for our missionaries!
Is she missing Korea?

Or having too much fun being back with Mom and Dad?
Or maybe can't decide?
This is the only pic you'll ever see of me in my pajamas!
Already borrowing Mom's clothes:
At the 2014 Taichung Mission Christmas Activity at Fo Guang Shan:
Sunrise at Ali Shan Single Adult Conference:
Lookin' good for 5:00am!
APs orienting new arrivals, 12-2014:
Even APs can get bad haircuts, hahaha!
I think this missionary gets the award for most selfies! Does it surprise you that he's an awesome photographer and videographer? Check out his website here:
At the chapel:

APs picking up new missionaries from Taoyuan International Airport, 2-2015:
And orienting them over the next couple of days:
Taichung zone conference, 3-2015:

Jiayi zone conference, 3-2015:
Recognize the mouth? 
In Gaoxiong:
In the mission home:
OPS and Mission Recorder at work, 3-16-15:
My daughter and son-in-law come to visit: Taipei 101:
Now in President's office!

My son's back in Taiwan! This time he's married and just graduated from med school:
I'm just always asking our APs to take pictures!
Back to the Bat Caves after almost a year for another P-day!
Mr. Operations at work:
Awesome convert in Jiayi!

This RM...
is dating this RM! We love it!
More APs!
Saying "Goodbye" to returning missionaries at the Taipei Temple:
Elder Stevenson in the background, picking up his son. Photobomber?
Love it when RMs come to the temple to meet us!
Mission conference with Elder Stevenson:
Runner up for most selfies with my iPhone:

2015 Taichung Mission Christmas Activity at Sun Moon Lake:
What is it about selfies and the open mouth?!

Career workshop...this elder's going home!
Returning missionaries at Taipei 101, 2-2016:
A farewell photo...boarding the plane in the morning!
Zone Conference in Zuoying, 3-2016:

New AP on the left, arriving to the office to welcome new missionaries:

Love these returned missionaries from Jiayi! 
But they didn't serve in our mission, they both served in the U.S.!
Same look, same place...different day!
Returning to Taiwan, he and this Taiwanese sister RM sang to us in a departing fireside in Taichung, 6-2016:
Two days ago I got to see this sister on the right after she flew into SLC from St. Louis. Her boyfriend on the left, another Taichung RM, let us in on a secret - he was planning on proposing the next day!
And guess what? She said, "YES!" 
Thanks for giving me so many fun pictures to remember you all by!

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