Monday, August 1, 2016

7-2016 Quick Trip to ...

Hey, I'm back in Taiwan and out for a morning run!!! JK, I wish! 
But it was super sweet to run by the Utah Cultural Celebration Center and feel like I was back in paradise!
While President was attending a surgical conference in Chicago to catch up on CME credits, I flew to Salt Lake City to spend some time with my daughter and new granddaughter. Crashed a dinner party that a few missionaries had planned at Sweet Ginger:
 So grateful this sister's family dropped by to meet me!
Then as we were ready to leave, the sister on the far right walked into the restaurant, saw me, and then asked if I was the Taichung mission president's wife. She was a teacher at the MTC and loved to follow all her "students" on my blog after they reached the island. It was so great to meet her! She said she had a surprise coming...more of my returned missionaries!
 Met this returned missionary who served in Australia and was there when one of our sister missionaries was baptized! Not long after her baptism, she came to serve in Taichung and was awesome!
 At IKEA, running into President's first AP and his wife!
 Got to spend an evening with my brother, David, from Orem:
Three years my younger, David served a mission in New York City, Cantonese speaking.
We will be back in two weeks to attend his daughter's wedding!
Look for details of a Taichung Missionary Reunion on August 19 on FaceBook!
Join the FaceBook group Taizhong Missionaries 2013 - 2016 for updates!

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