Wednesday, August 3, 2016

8-3-16 President Arrives to Salt Lake City:)

President flew into SLC this morning and look who joined us for lunch?!
 So great to see our Taiwanese missionaries continuing their education in America!
 And this sister flew out from Missouri to see her boyfriend, also an elder in our mission! 
We were so lucky to catch her this trip:)
 Getting the office staff together again!
 Look what I got for wearing my J Dawgs T-shirt?! 
The latest T-shirt from my favorite hot dog eatery in the WHOLE WORLD!
 At Temple Square, we met a sister missionary...
 ...from Guiren, who attended college in Taichung! 
They suggested seeing the new Meet the Mormon episodes at the Legacy Theatre. It was awesome!
 We were finally privileged to meet the Hampton family!
 After lots of warm hugs and tears, we had a delicious meal at Elder Hampton's grandparents' home, prepared by his lovely sisters:
And spent the evening talking about what a wonderful young man and missionary 
Elder Hampton was...and still is!

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