Thursday, May 22, 2014

5-21-14 Arriving Missionaries

With all the rain, and the majority of flights delayed 3-4 hours, we were grateful our missionaries landed safely only one hour late:) They're here!!!
Bus ride home to Taichung:
 The next morning after breakfast at the mission home, President starts orientation and interviews:
 After Sis. Blickenstaff introduces the missionaries to her family and they are oriented by the office missionaries, lunch is at hand:

Since their flight was delayed and the elders didn't get bedded down until 2:00am, I wouldn't let the APs take them out for morning exercises. The APs were, however, bound and determined to get their blood pumping, so took opportunity to draw the whip and get 50 pushups out of them after afternoon orientation:
They were then ready for some instruction on contacting skills. Practicing first in English, 
then afterwards in Chinese, and lastly out on the streets for some hands on experience:
 After their first hour of contacting in Taiwan, on to a banquet dinner:
 Taking on Sis. Blickenstaff's duck brain challenge:
 Anxious for a photo opp:
 Fish eyes?
 No problem!
Wrapping up the evening with a review of the Dan Jones Experience:
Early to bed, then early to rise! Starting off the morning with a mile run:

Buddah claps x 70:
Meet the Trainers meeting:
President handed out the red envelopes, their trainers and new assignments were announced, 
then off to lunch at Hawaii 51:

 Concluding with the mission song, then out to their new areas!
 New missionaries and their trainers:

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