Tuesday, May 6, 2014

5-5-14 President's Weekly Letter

Dear Elders and Sisters,

This week we have a special day set aside to remember our mothers and other women who have been great influences in our lives. Of course, I include among the most influential women in my life my companion, Sister Blickenstaff. My gratitude for her knows no bounds.

Although my mother and grandmothers are no longer with me, I remember them fondly, with appreciation and love. I find it difficult to express to the women in my life, the gratitude I feel for their sacrifices and tireless work in caring for my family and me. Their love, example and teaching have had a huge impact on me. We should be thankful everyday for the great women in our lives and strive to honor them with our selfless service to others and our best efforts to become more like the Savior.

Most of you will be arranging your calls home today as your email your families. Please note the following guidelines:
- You are allowed to call or ‘Skype’ anytime on either Sunday or Monday. If you need to use another day, please obtain permission from me.
- Your calls should not exceed 45 minutes.
- Please do not call anyone other than your mother unless you have obtained permission from me.
- You are allowed to use member’s computers in their homes in order to Skype. Do not linger on computers to play games or look at inappropriate things. Remember that members are always watching you to see if you are PMG missionaries. Do not let them down!
- In all that you do and say, seek to uplift your family and bear witness of the Savior. Let them see the ways in which your mission experience has changed you.

As I have discussed with zone leaders and my assistants the lessons learned from our recent planner and area book checks, I note that most of the mission is not consistently using the New and Returning Member Report Forms. Using this resource properly, including giving copies to all appropriate leaders as well as our RC/LAs, will allow us to work more closely with local Church leaders and will help us in our retention and activation work. I have been in priesthood leadership meetings recently where the local leaders have been instructed and encouraged to use them. It would be a significant service to the bishop to have these completed forms given to him by you and your companion. If you have not been using the NARMFs, I urge you to change (repent!) forthwith!

Finally, there has been some confusion regarding how we should count the referral and referrals contacted key indicators. The method described in PMG is confusing to me. Please count each referral received each week as you would any other key indicator. Do the same for each referral that you contact. For example, if you receive a total of three referrals (from all sources) in a week, you would enter the number “3.” If you were only able to contact one of them, enter the number “1.”

I love and appreciate each of you and am grateful for this chance that we have to labor together. I liked the fact that our recent interviews were punctual, but I missed spending the additional time with you. You are in my prayers, often in very personal ways. Please let me know if you need additional time with me.

President Blickenstaff
Mentor of Champions 

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  1. Thank you so much for your wonderful posts! We are so grateful for your dedicated service, and we are so excited for your new grandchildren! While you are doing the Lords work and taking care of all of our missionaries, I know the Lord will make sure your children and grandchildren are looked after!